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Having caused a flurry of excitement, Yuroll has proved to to be an essential must have amongst the beauty pros. Used by models Kate Moss, Lily Cole, Liberty Ross and Olivia Inge, as well as Vogue’s, and everyone else’s, top facialist Nichola Joss.

Our ladies who roll include Debbie Harry, Alexandra Shulman, Marcelle D’Argy Smith and Sadie Frost.

A jade facial massager. Use daily for maximum benefit, treating face, throat and decolletage. Regular rolling, stimulates lymphatic drainage and by improving the circulation increases the oxygen supply to the face, thus enhancing the general bloom and radiance.
Incorporating acupressure and massage principles, facial rolling will ensure a lean, re-contoured, wonderfully unlined face; thoroughly toned and with improved elasticity.

By generally speeding up the drainage system of the face, Yuroll™ reduces residual puffiness and any congestion caused by stagnation in the jawline, where toxins are liable to accumulate.
The cooling stone - which has a soothing effect on the nervous system and absorbs negative energy - will even skin tone and tighten pores. Yuroll™ really does help your face to help itself!

Handmade from solid jade,
it is available in three sizes.

The Eye-Roller improves lymphatic drainage around the eyes, the most common site of blockage. It can reduce discoloration sometimes caused by dark shadows.To use,place vertically into the inner corner of the eye, using gentle rocking motion, press lightly to encourage drainage in eye zone and reduce puffiness. Another useful technique is to press the Yuroll gently around the eye-socket in a clockwise direction three times, this will give you a fresher faced look in the morning, help avoid the horrors of puffy eyes and generally avoid the morning after the night before look. Also useful for the area between the nose and lips and for decongesting sinuses.

The medium sized roller - a gorgeous item - can be used all over the place! Highly versatile, it will work areas of the forehead, cheeks, neck and jawline. Using broad sweeps, use across the forehead, cheeks, throat and decolletage area. Not forgetting to target the jawline, where congestion is prone to build up. The double-ended roller, obviously, combines the two, whilst bringing glamour to your dressing table.

Yu don’t have to suffer to be beautiful!

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Yuroll Professional - available now


Use whenever you feel like it; on a clean face morning and evening - fabulous! But you don't need to limit your use to bathroom activities! Use it anytime throughout the day; whilst at the computer to reduce eye-strain; whilst driving an (automatic) car; and before rushing off to parties! Remember to clean your Yurolls after use. Dropping them will break them, as will not treating them like the delicate, precious objects they are. In case of genuine fault, we're happy to replace them. Keep away from children.


Also available from:

The Dispensary, Newburgh St, W1

The Dispensary, Kensington Park Rd, W11

The Beauty Store, 1, Royal Exchange Court,
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And now available at:

Paul Edmonds Salon, 166 Bromptom Road, Knightsbridge, London, SW3 1HW. tel: 020 7589 5958

Grayshott Spa, Hindhead, Surrey

Nelson's Homeopathic Pharmacy, London W1


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